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Hippocampus and Deer Blood Capsule
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Hippocampus and Deer Blood Capsule

Deer blood in hippocampus of bacteria produced by our company Bao capsules, select quality and pollution-free fresh deer blood, after sterilization using advanced freeze drying technology to maximize retention of active ingredients in fresh deer blood, extracted into a very high concentration of deer blood powder, then joined the hippocampus, Rosa laevigata, euryale ferox health care medicines, scientific allocation into capsules. Deer blood is the blood of the highest quality food in nature, also rich in protein, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and bioactive compounds, can promote metabolism of Metro, improving brain function, improve the ability of anti-fatigue. Distribution Wu Haima, and Rosa laevigata michx, and euryale ferox Hou better of enhanced has anti-fatigue of features, for blood two virtual, and insomnia more dream; anemia, and palpitations, and tired weak, and limbs cold; impotence nocturnal emission, and virtual loss low back pain; menstrual does not adjustable; attention does not concentrated, often fainted; chronic Portal hypertensive gastropathy, and gastric bleeding, and hemorrhoids bleeding; old, and chronic disease who, and digestive absorption bad, and disease Hou complex Yuan, are is is good of select.
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 This product is based on deer blood powder, Hippocampus, Rosa laevigata, euryale ferox major health food made from raw material, by functional experiments proved that the health function of fatigue resistance of this product has.
"The main raw material" deer blood powder, seahorses, Rosa laevigata, euryale ferox.
"Effectiveness of composition and content of" every 100g containing: 17.5G deer blood powder and hippocampus 20G.
"Health care function" anti-fatigue.
"Suitable crowds" fatigue crowd.
"Unsuitable crowds" children
"How to eat and the amount of food" orally, 3 times daily, 2 tablets at a time, boiling water by swallowing.
"Specifications" 400mg/tablets.
"Shelf life" of 20 months.
"Storage method" buy a cool dry place away from light.
"Note" of this product is not a substitute for drug treatment.
"Approval number" health food and health (1999),
food and medicine jiansheng Su zhunzi "2010", No. 0012
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