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Research & Development

Research Field

The basic focus of Engineering Center is to take advantage of the rich and unique natural steroids resources in China, (i.e, Chinese yam, hecogenin and sisal) to extract the sapogenin and use it or the plant sterols as starting materials to research and develop a number of steroidal pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates with independent intellectual property rights by means of combining bio-technology and green synthesis technology and adopting advanced process and technology. In addition, the research and development of some common key technologies in industrial development are part of the interests of Engineering Center.

R&D Premise

The Engineering Center includes four chemical synthesis labs, one biotechnology lab, one instrument analysis lab, one physicochemical analysis lab and one microbiology lab, as well as a multi-functional pilot workshop and a steroid pilot workshop. Jiaerke adheres to the pattern of development relying on technological innovation and independent intellectual property rights. The pace of technological innovation, new product development and industrialization is speeding up thanks to the increasing investment in R&D.
A sound technological innovation mechanism and a unique independent innovation system has taken shape, which help create a number of technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights obtained.

R&D Personnel

The current staff number in Engineering Center is 55 in total, among whom 1 with Doctorate Degree, 7 with Master's Degree. The R&D team not only have comprehensive knowledge of drug organic synthesis and biochemical technology, but also rich experience in upscaling and industrialization for various kinds of organic chemical reactions. At the same time, there is a Technical Committee in place in Engineering Center which is composed of experts from industry, academic leaders, which organizes academic consultation, exchange and cooperation, and provides necessary technical support for the operation of Engineering Center.


There are more than 40 sets advanced equipment/instruments installed in Engineering Center including Malvern laser particle size analyzers, automatic potentiometric titrators, Agilent High Performance Liquid Chromatographs, Agilent Gas Chromatograph with headspace sampler, Infrared analyzers, UV analyzers, Dissolution tester, stability test chambers, etc. The center also has a multi-functional pilot plant, where appropriated equipment are installed for the synthesis reaction line, for example, double cone vacuum dryers, glass-lined reactors, sealed centrifuges, hot air circulation oven, cryogenic freeze dryers, ultrafilters, cryogenic chambers, liquid nitrogen cryogenic reactors, electrically heated high-temperature reactors, and autoclaves. And the center also has such fermentation instruments as incubators, shakers, clean benches, automatic fermentation pumps, high-speed centrifuges, and pilot fermentation vessels (5L to 6,000L). In addition, the center has a series of synthesis reactors from 20 L to 2,000L, which can meet demands of product development with high technical difficulties, such as high pressure and hydrogenation, as well as the demands of a variety of development subjects and topics.

Research & Development



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