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Changzhou General Labor Union Accepted the Establishment of Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals’ "Trusted Employees' Home"

Time: 2019-09-04

On the morning of August 30, Yin Xiaoqing, Vice Chairman of the Changzhou General Labor Union, Zhou Xiangming, Minister of Grassroots Work Department, and Wang Yibo, Vice Minister, and other officials in the company of Wu Xiaoming, Vice Chairman of District General Labor Union, etc. conducted an acceptance inspection of the company’s declaration of the establishment of the municipal "Trusted Employees’ Home". Our company's Labor Union Chairman Liu Xingyao and Head of Administration Zhang Jiaxi received the acceptance team.

The acceptance team visited and inspected the staff bookstore, staff activity room, training room and other staff positions of the company, checked the labor union workbook, and listened to the company's labor union work report.

The acceptance team fully affirmed the series of work carried out by our company in employee training, safety production, mentor-pairing, corporate culture construction, etc., and put forward requirements for improvement and promotion of special work for female employees. The team hoped that through the establishment of "Trusted Employees’ Home", our company would effectively strengthen the construction of the union itself in the future work, give full play to the role of the "big school" of the union, and play the role of the main position of serving the employees, so that the employees can feel the warmth of the "homely" union personally, and regard the union cadres as the most reliable "family".

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