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Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals Successfully Passed the ISO14001 and GB/T28001 Supervision and Audit

Time: 2019-04-30

From April 22 to April 25, the audit team comprised of three experienced audit experts headed by Ms. Jin Songyue, were appointed by the China Certification Center to audit the operation of our company's ISO14001 and GB/T28001 management system according to the audit plan.

This audit was still conducted by means of combining on-site tour and document review on a department-by-department basis, mainly focusing on the company’s internal and external environment, the needs and expectations of related parties, risks and opportunities, environmental factors/hazard source control, compliance obligations, performance, etc. After four days of careful and meticulous on-site tour and document review, the audit team conducted in-depth exchanges with the Jiaerke team on the findings observed at the site. During the audit process the audited departments opened up the horizon, discovered gaps, and improved management concepts.

General Manager Mr. Ren Dingguo attended the closing meeting and made an important speech. Mr. Ren thanked the audit team for their hard work, and asked all departments to implement the opinions and suggestions put forward by the experts, use this as an opportunity to further strengthen the learning and understanding of the new version of the system standards, carry out various tasks in strict accordance with the provisions of the system documents, truly integrate system thinking and business processes, and apply system thinking to management, so that it is "internalized in mind, externalized into practice", and truly exerts the effectiveness of the system.

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