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Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals Held 2019 Summary and Commendation and 2020 Work Mobilization Conference

Time: 2020-01-22

In order to review the work in 2019, sum up experience, commend the advanced and encourage the energy, deploy the work in 2020, mobilize all employees to forge ahead, work hard, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of Jiaerke, on January 17, Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals held the 2019 annual summary commendation and 2020 annual work mobilization meeting.

General Manager Ren Dingguo made the "2019 Annual Work Summary Report". The report pointed out that in 2019, the company's main product production and sales hit a record high; cost reduction and efficiency gains achieved new results; technology research and development and transformation achieved new results; enterprise standardized management achieved new improvements; talent team construction showed new measures; corporate culture construction achieved new improvements. The report analyzed the problems in the work throughout the year and deployed the work in 2020 to further strengthen market development; further strengthen the implementation of regulations; further reduce costs and expenses; further enhance core competitiveness; further accelerate the project construction process; further strengthen the construction of talent teams. He hoped that all employees would unite and work hard, be realistic and innovative in the new year, be full of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, struggle hard, overcome difficulties to comprehensively complete the 2020 targets and tasks.

Chairman Jiang Chengyu made an important speech at the conference. On behalf of the board of directors of the group company, he congratulated the commended advanced collectives and individuals and called on all employees to keep up with the advanced. He put forward five expectations and requirements for every Jiaerke person, that is, strengthen learning and enhance the "true skills" of performing duties; strengthen the implementation, play the "strongest voice" of the implementation; open source and cut costs, "sing the leading role" in increasing efficiency ; stimulate vitality and strive to become the "new forces” of development; work together to draw the largest "concentric circle". He hoped that all employees would uphold the mission of "creating better steroid drugs for the benefit of mankind", practice the core values of "integrity, dedication, enterprising, and win-win", unite and work hard, be realistic and innovative, seize the day, live it to the full, and comprehensively complete various goals and tasks in 2020!

The conference awarded 2 advanced collectives, 16 outstanding employees, 1 excellent manager, 4 safety stars, 4 quality stars, 2 growth stars, and 1 sales star.

The conference held a signing ceremony for the organizational performance of middle and top administrative staff in 2020. In the witness of all employees, the company's middle and senior management personnel signed the annual performance responsibility letter and made a 2020 goal commitment, showing their confidence and determination to complete the performance agreement goals.

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