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Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals Received Site Assessment of 2019 Tianning District Mayor Quality Award

Time: 2019-11-22

On November 15th, under the organization of Tianning District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, an on-site review team composed of 5 experts including Zong Yunzhang, Zhao Shaohong, Jia Wenhui, Wu Lan, and Zhou Qunchao conducted a one-day site assessment of the Tianning District Mayor Quality Award at Jiaerke. Jiang Chengyu, Chairman of Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals, participated in the on-site review and reported the organization overview, leadership, strategy and other contents to the expert group. The company's General Manager, Vice General Managers, Managers and Deputy Managers of the departments participated in the on-site review.
The on-site review conducted a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the company's operating quality based on the " Criteria for Performance Excellence ", from seven dimensions of leadership, strategy, customer and market, resources, process management, measurement analysis and improvement, and results, in the forms of listening to reports, on-site review, group report exchanges, and document review.
In the final review feedback, the expert group agreed that the performance excellence management of Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals has been highly valued by company leaders and has made great progress. The expert group highly praised the advantages of Jiaerke, including working closely with the customers to customize R&D and working together for a win-win situation; attaching importance to technological innovation and R&D and providing different technical needs; establishing a relatively complete performance management system and salary incentive mechanism, and creating a learning environment and a stable workforce. At the same time, for the future development of Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals, they proposed opinions and suggestions, such as to further strengthen high-end talents and focus on internal and external knowledge integration; further strengthen the company's overall process identification, determine the main monitoring indicators; further strengthen the application of information technology and statistical technology, etc. This further clarified the thinking for Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals to pursue performance excellence management.
Since the promotion of performance excellence management and the application of the district mayor's quality award, the company's senior management has attached great importance to it, each functional department has clearly defined its responsibilities, and has been carefully prepared in accordance with the requirements of the district mayor's quality award review. Through this on-site review, Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals will further raise awareness, improve mechanisms, pursue performance excellence, and continuously lay a solid foundation for sustainable development.

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